Augusta County Service Authority provides temporary solution for dry wells

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va (WHSV) — Augusta County is responding, now that a lack of rain over the past few months has started taking its toll. After receiving several complaints from local farmers that a spring in Mount Sidney has gone dry, the Augusta County Service Authority is now offering a temporary solution.

The ASCA is providing two locations where residents can purchase water during the drought.

Farmers and others in the county can purchase water at both the Augusta County Government Center and at a kiosk in Staunton. The county is also working with the Staunton Water Treatment Plant to provide water for those in need.

ASCA's director of safety administration Tina Solak said that because a lot of people are farmers, the drought impacts the county greatly.

"They would need to be able to provide for obviously livestock," said Solak. "It's either that or going through the expense individually as a farmer to dig a well, which a lot of farmers in our area would not be able to do. "

According to Solak, water purchased at the government center is not potable and should be only used for livestock or plants. Drinking water is available at the kiosk location.

Solak said during this time of year, there is usually plenty of water to go around, but because of the drought, wells are coming up empty.

"They have a great need for it, and we also knew that some of our citizens would also have small livestock in their homes and residents that would also need access to some water," said Solak.

Although the resources are temporary, Solak said they will be available as long as people are in need or until the county gets some substantial rain.