Augusta County Sheriff's Office partners with Project Lifesaver

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — The Augusta County Sheriff's Office is partnering with Project Lifesaver: a group helping law enforcement find loved ones who have gone missing.

People with Autism, Alzheimer's or Dementia may have a tendency to wander off. The Sheriff's Office is now offering citizens tracking bracelets to the public, which they can give to those who may go missing.

"If they have a child, a loved one, a family member or friend with the desire to wander, all they have to do is contact the sheriff's office, and tell them that they are interested in the program and we'll do everything that we can," said Donald Smith, the Augusta County Sheriff.

Smith says the Sheriff's Office has trained personnel that are able to track the bracelets. They also travel to their clients' homes if they are in need of a battery replacement, which is about every sixty days.

So far, Augusta County says they have 25 active users and have been able to cover the cost of all bracelets. They have never had an incident where they were not able to track an individual wearing a bracelet that had gone missing.

Sheriff Smith says they are soon hoping to upgrade to a system that will also allow signals to be sent straight to the caregivers' smart phones.