Augusta County committee forms to help improve internet access

Published: Oct. 4, 2018 at 12:09 AM EDT
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Many people in Augusta County want fast, reliable internet access. On Wednesday night, a new committee was formed to help get that accomplished.

The newly formed Broadband Committee met for the first time Wednesday to discuss ways to get internet to all parts of the county.

The committee consists of several members who live in under-served areas, each representing a district within the county. All from different backgrounds such as IT, finance, and telephone companies.

Augusta County supervisors Marshall Pattie and Pam Carter are also on the committee.

Pattie said right now, 50 percent of the county doesn't have internet access and the committee's first task is to try to secure a state grant that will help expand service.

"We'll do that and we really need to start thinking long term and have that body think about opportunities so when other things come up, we can take advantage of them as well," said Pattie.

David Howland was the one concerned citizen who came out Wednesday night. He owns farmland in Craigsville and hopes the committee can help get the ball rolling.

"I'm finally starting to see all the different aspects and what the gaps are, the issues we have to deal with, which I had no idea before," said Howland.

At the committee's next meeting, Pattie said they will review internet grant applications before presenting them to the Augusta County Board of Supervisors.