Augusta County landowner reluctantly settles with Dominion Energy

Published: Feb. 14, 2018 at 6:33 PM EST
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As the Atlantic Coast Pipeline quickly becomes more of a reality, landowners in Augusta County are having to make tough decisions regarding the future of their property.

Jason Harris, an Augusta County property owner, said when he was told his property was in the path of the pipeline, he felt as though he had no other choice than to come to agreement with Dominion Energy.

"We did settle," he said, "but we would rather have not settled and been able to keep our property because the thing is, once this thing goes through the property values will be diminished>"

According to Harris, the pipeline construction will remove more than two acres of woods on his property. Woods, he said, his children play in and give his home privacy from his neighbors.

Although Harris ended up signing an easement agreement with Dominion, he says the value that will be taken from his property with the construction of the pipeline is priceless to his family.

"It's just taken away a lot of the value that you can't even measure of having like the birds and the trees for the kids to play in," Harris said.

Dominion Energy said the use of eminent domain is their last resort and they have been able to come to agreements with the majority of landowners that will be affected by the pipeline. However, some property that will be used for the pipeline in Augusta County will be obtained through the use of eminent domain.