Valley family supports bill to lift age cap on autism coverage

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Jordan Fowler is 10 years old. His mom, Leticia Fowler, says he loves playing outside and making friends. But those things didn't always come easy for Jordan, who has autism.

"Coverage for autism spectrum disorder is very, very expensive," Fowler said.

Fowler said Jordan has made a lot of progress since they started working with an applied behavior analysis therapy program.

"It went from a young man that would just sit in the corner," Fowler said, "to a person that's able to make friends and just loves everyone."

Fowler said they had to make a plan to end the services because of the age cap in the state.

"We are trying to transition him out of the program because insurance won't cover those services any longer, once he turns 11."

Right now, Virginia only mandates coverage for autism diagnosis and services for children through age 10. This year, a bill passed the General Assembly that would get rid of the age cap. It's now waiting on the governor's signature.

"This bill will provide support to not just my family," Fowler said, "but others as well so that their child can thrive."