Behind the scenes, workers keep Augusta Health clean during pandemic

Air3 takes a look at Augusta Health. | Credit: WHSV
Air3 takes a look at Augusta Health. | Credit: WHSV(WHSV)
Published: Apr. 24, 2020 at 6:21 PM EDT
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Healthcare professionals are working hard at Augusta Health to care for patients who may have COVID-19 and others who come into the hospital. Behind the scenes, others are working to keep the hospital clean, which is more crucial than ever.

"We may be some of the smaller pieces in the hospital, or some of the smaller duties, but they're definitely essential to making this place run smoothly," Zachary Allen said.

Zachary Allen used to be a personal trainer in the fitness center, but now he's redeployed to the laundry department.

"I help them fold the linens and things like that, we run the different machines and things to process linens."

The Environmental Services department has always had a major role in keeping the hospital clean, but now that's more important than ever. Part of their job involves using the Surfacide System to clean the rooms.

"We use it in unoccupied rooms to disinfect surfaces and spaces," Jennifer Dixon, EVS team leader, said.

Dixon and Alisa Byers work in the Environmental Services department with the Surfacide Tower.

"We do like a terminal clean first, and then after that we put the UV-C lights in, and they do the extra disinfectant," Dixon said.

The Surfacide Tower is a light system that is able to disinfect a variety of surfaces and areas. It's effective in getting rid of different organisms, including the novel coronavirus.

All three say there have been a lot of changes and adjustments to their roles since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Every day things change, and we have to get that information out to everybody on what the changes are, and what they're supposed to be doing," Dixon said.

Even with the changes, they say what they're doing is important for the hospital.

"If you have a dirty room, or if you have dirty linens, to be infected with something like this is really easy," Allen said. "I definitely think everyone in here is having an impact."

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