Virginia bill could require employers to provide sick time

Published: Feb. 20, 2020 at 9:28 PM EST
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In Virginia, a new bill could require employers to provide paid sick time for their employees.

Senate Bill 481 passed the Senate on Crossover Day. If voted by all lawmakers, it would require public and private employers with at least 15 employees to give them earned paid sick time.

The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy estimates that 1.2 million workers in Virginia do not have paid sick days or paid time off. Under the new bill, a person would earn one hour for every 30 hours worked.

That time can be used for a variety of concerns, including dealing with mental and physical health needs and treatment and taking care of family members. The bill would also ensure that employers can't take certain actions against their employees for using their leave.

The Virginia Interfaith Center said the policy would be beneficial since fewer people could be going to work sick.

The Virginia Senate bill is working through House committees, but the House did not pass a similar version of the bill before Crossover Day.