Art exhibit in Harrisonburg turns trash into art

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — It might be true when they say "one man's trash is another man's treasure" — but one part they're leaving out is art.

Erickson started collecting these tarps because she saw them everyday on her way to class. She later began crafting them into bags as well.

There are now two new art exhibits at the Art Council of the Valley's Smith House Galleries in Harrisonburg, except they're both made out of trash.

"Black Run Stream Emporium and Museum" and "Consumed" are the two pieces in the gallery that are completely constructed out of items pulled from Blacks Run Stream.

One sculpture contains anything from an iPhone charger to basketballs, and even some pots and pans.

Mallory Burrell said in an email that everything on the show floor is only about 10 percent of what she's collected.

The other sculpture is made out of lumber tarps, all found in the stream within a 1000 foot area during the past six months.

"I hope people think about the consumption that they have in their daily life with trash and overall products and what things consume them," Courtney Erickson, the designer, said. "You know how much time do you spend on your phone in front of the TV thinking about other things and not enjoying your surroundings."

Erickson said she will continue collecting the tarps from the stream and plans on creating a filter to catch other trash from stormwater.

Both pieces will remain up until Jan. 26.