Blue Ridge Christian School celebrates teacher's marriage with giant parade

Cars line the street of a Bridgewater home as the parade goes through | Photo: BRCS
Cars line the street of a Bridgewater home as the parade goes through | Photo: BRCS(WHSV)
Published: Apr. 30, 2020 at 3:26 PM EDT
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Blue Ridge Christian School (BRCS) celebrated its kindergarten teacher's marriage by putting on a huge parade to congratulate her and her new husband.

Angela and Ben Morrison got engaged in October of 2019, and expected to get married on April 26, 2020—but things did not go as planned because of the coronavirus.

The couple was supposed to get married at a venue with 150 guests, but instead they got married in a friend's backyard, which is where they got engaged.

"Six months ago, I was standing right here, and never imagined it would end up right there, but it's kind of neat how it did come full circle," said Ben.

The Morrisons' families are in Pennsylvania and could not attend, so they used a big Zoom meeting to have their families virtually experience their exchanging of vows.

Fellow teachers and bridesmaids, Joanne Forrest and Claire Wilkins, decided to plan a parade for students and staff from BRCS to celebrate the couple. They worked with some other co-workers and a parent to get it off the ground. They sent emails asking people to join and even made a map so it was easy for people to follow along.

"The school family really wanted to reach out and support her in a way that was unique, as unique as the times are," said Forrest.

A total of 54 cars lined the neighborhood in Bridgewater to send their well wishes from a distance.

"I was really shocked. All of a sudden, I looked out and I was like, 'This big of a parade?' I didn't think it was going to be as big as it was, but I thought it was going to be a small amount of cars coming through, but that was amazing," said Ben.

"Angela has always loved on this community, like loves it so much, and so it was really neat to see their love for her," said Wilkins.

Staff members, students, and their families handed out flowers, balloons, bubbles, and even ice cream to the happy couple.

The couple had originally invited all of her students, and she was going to do a cupcake reception with them after the ceremony. Angela said she heard that some of her students cried when they found out it was postponed.

"It was really neat to see them, to just be able to wave to them, and have them be part of something so big," said Angela.

While it was not the wedding they had originally planned, it was another lesson on flexibility.

"I personally think that wedding was better than what I personally ever expected for our wedding because of how much love and support we felt from my second family, from my school family," said Angela.

The couple will have an official wedding ceremony and reception in October.

Yev Studios photographed the wedding and were part of the small crowd that was able to experience the wedding. Some of the photos featured in the story are by Yev Studios.