Blue Ridge Lumber increasing worldwide exports

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Gov. Terry McAuliffe recently announced new exports of Virginia lumber to the United Kingdom. One of those companies is Blue Ridge Lumber, in Fishersville, which exports wood to more than 20 countries.

The company started off small --35 years ago. They sell a variety of different kinds of wood. The company tells us they do up to $30 million in sales per year. The president of the company, Tom Sheets, said building relationships over the years has led to establishing reliable customers.

He said the state government has been a huge help: "They've been very helpful in introducing us to new customers; despite emails and cell phones that can go all around the world, it's still relationship-based."

He also said they've helped by improving their ports, and having a good transportation system between here and Norfolk.

So far they have sold 670 truckloads of lumber this year. By the end of year, they expect to sell more than 1000 loads.