Board considers next steps for solar amendment

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Solar is once again on the agenda for the Augusta county board of supervisors. At Wednesday's meeting, they will hear about possible timelines and actions for adding a solar amendment to the comprehensive plan.

The board of supervisors discussed ways to include solar in the comprehensive plan. | Credit: WHSV

Solar has been discussed for about a year now in the county. A recent proposal for a solar farm was voted down earlier this year. Some board members said it didn't fit the comprehensive plan.

The comprehensive plan did not address solar before, but a draft timeline that will be presented Wednesday night lays out possible work sessions and ways to get community input.

"Would the board want to establish some kind of working group or subcommittee, potentially with a board member or planning commission member and others,' Leslie Tate, senior planner, said. "Would they want staff the prepare a public input survey?"

Tate said Thursday's meeting is about gathering more feedback from the board about the next steps they want to take and how they want to gather community input.