Board of Supervisors discuss ideas for courthouse

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On Wednesday, the Augusta County Board of Supervisors showed the public a recap of what has been done so far since January.

The county presented a $38.7 million dollar renovation plan to Staunton which was turned down by the city. Now, the board is discussing options to move forward.

With so many different laws, board members said it is hard to come up with a perfect solution. The board said they need legislation to tell them what they can and cannot do.

Chairman Tracy Pyles said one step could be taking ideas to the Staunton Planning Commission and letting council, along with the community, to speak on it.

"I think as it goes through a process in Staunton, maybe the public will weigh in and say this could help revitalize the downtown," said Pyles. "You just can't just hang your hat on history, you have to have something that looks to the future."

The board also said another option would be to turn it over to a judge and let them decide on how the county could move forward.



The Augusta County Board of Supervisors are planning to decide what is next for the future of the Augusta County Courthouse at Wednesday night's Board of Supervisors meeting.

Back in November, the community voted to keep the courthouse in Staunton.

Board of Supervisor Marshall Pattie said they will finally be able to get the ball rolling again on the topic.

Despite several laws potentially saying the courthouse could be moved still, Pattie said it wont happen.

"Almost 70 percent said to keep it in Staunton. And, so, I believe we have a moral obligation to keep it in Staunton regardless of what the law says," Pattie said. "I would say all seven board members are going to voice their opinions publicly for the first time since the election and it'll be interesting to hear what everyone has to say."

Augusta County isn't the only area searching for a courthouse solution.

Albermale County is going through a similar situation. A new house bill has been approved allowing a courthouse to moved without a public vote, but that bill does not apply for Augusta County.

The meeting will take place at the Augusta County Government Center at 7 p.m.