Bodycam captures a man rescued from Lake Michigan using 'human chain'

CHICAGO, IL (KWLS) A 33 year old Chicago man desperately waited from help as he was trapped in 34 degree water and surrounded by ice walls.

On Sunday afternoon, he took his 9 month old dog, an American Eskimo mix, to Foster Avenue Beach.

The dog ran off and fell into the lake. His owner jumped in after him and was able to rescue his dog, but he couldn't get out.

He managed to call 9-1-1.

With quick thinking, Sgt. Alex Silva grabbed the passerby's dog leash to rescue the man

He was standing in the water about chest high, but he was numb he couldn't hold anything, he couldn't climb out it was shear ice.

Silva threw the leash to the man...behind Silva were 5 other officers anchoring themselves on the ice to form a human chain to prevent Silva from going in the water.

Body Cam video capturing the moment the victim was rescued.