Student-athletes spend day with retirees

BRIDGEWATER, Va. (WHSV) -- Some Bridgewater College student-athletes spent their Sunday afternoon sharing conversation, food and smiles at the Bridgewater Retirement Community on Sunday afternoon.

Student-athletes share a conversation with one of the retirees.

"It's enthusiastic," Brett Jones, the President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee at Bridgewater College, said. "A lot of people here bring such knowledge and wisdom and fun. It's great to hang out with people that have lived life and have experienced so many different things."

The retirees and student-athletes ate and made sugar cookies while talking.

"Just to see young life and the activity and all that you have with it gives us its rewards," Margaret Horn, a member of the community, said.

Horn went to Bridgewater College and is a member of its Sports Hall of Fame. She has gone to multiple events with BC student-athletes, who first thought of partnering with the retirement community in 2017.

"They get to tell stories about back in the day, 'oh, this is what we had, this is what we got to do. This is now what you're doing,'" Jones said. "It's an opportunity, I think, for our student-athletes to appreciate the people that have come before them."

The opportunity goes both ways: the retirement community appreciates it as well.

"It gives you a different perspective. If you just saw the same people all the time, it could get kind of boring."