Bridgewater business owner hopes Nationals' postseason run helps business

BRIDGEWATER, Va. (WHSV) -- The Washington Nationals continue their postseason run Tuesday night in game one of the World Series.

Landes said she'll be watching the Nationals because of her love for baseball.

As their season continues, a business owner in Bridgewater hopes the Nats boost the bottom line.

"The first night you might not see as many, but the further they get into the series, more and more people come out," Pattie Landes, owner of The Cracked Pillar, said.

Landes said she thinks the Washington Nationals making the World Series helps business as fans come to watch the games. Football is the biggest draw for sports fans but baseball is not too far behind, according to Landes.

"Baseball is a close second to that, depending on the season of course," Landes said. "In the spring time you're going to get a bigger draw. But now for the finals, we're going to start seeing a bigger flow come in."

You can watch the World Series on The Valley's Fox.