Bridgewater textile company selling face masks with new styles, donating 1 for every 1 sold

Published: May. 28, 2020 at 12:06 PM EDT
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A company based out of Bridgewater is launching a project to donate a face mask to someone in need for every mask they sell.

Creative Cause Solutions, a Bridgewater company, is partnering with Design Pool, LLC to offer a collection of designs for masks to be sold and donated through the


The masks provided are two-layer fabric face masks, which the CDC has said are highly effective at blocking respiratory droplets and aerosols from someone's face to prevent spreading the virus from yourself to someone else, given that many people who have the virus are asymptomatic.

According to John Otsuki, CEO of Creative Cause Solutions, the project was sparked by a team member asking to use equipment to make masks for her daughter working in the health care industry. With limited production in the facility, he agreed, and it didn't take long for other people in the company to start volunteering their time to sew masks and donate them to people and groups around the community.

What began as a GoFundMe campaign to cover materials and labor grew into the Community Masks Project, and with more and more buyers showing them a growing need for well-made masks that are "also comfortable, personal, and fashionable," the launched an online store offering a range of designs. Staying true to the spirit of the original project, Otsuki ensures all profits go toward supplying free masks to anyone who needs one.

Now, they've partnered with Design Pool, LLC, which is providing a collection of unique designs for the masks.

“I have seen a huge amount of discussion on the fashion aspect of these masks. I think it’s a testament to the resiliency of our nation how quickly we can move from crisis to lifestyle,” said Otsuki.

“Like so many others, we felt overwhelmed by the current health care crisis, and were looking for ways to be helpful and give back in a meaningful way," said Kristen Dettoni, Design Pool founder and CEO. "When we learned John was making masks, we knew this was the perfect fit for Design Pool. It can be challenging to adapt to the new guidelines for mask-wearing, but we hope that people will feel a bit more comfortable wearing one that’s colorful and fun.”

The Community Masks Project masks are made from polyester and printed with dyes and print inks that stand up to bleach and disinfectants. All the materials are safe enough to be used on the face and appropriate for breathing through. The inner surface is a fleece, which acts as an effective filter and is less irritating on the face, according to Creative Cause Solutions. Aluminum nose strips and tubular elastic help make the mask comfortable and they are available in adult, youth and child sizes.

You can learn more about the project


Creative Cause Solutions, located in Bridgewater, is a wholesale textiles printing company specializing in small to large volume, high-quality printing on textiles. They normally print apparel and home interior textiles, as well as large format advertising products.

is located in East Hampstead, New Hampshire, and is a company to connect product designers with manufacturers using the print-on-demand technology with a resource of patterns.