Broadway students break a sweat to improve water quality

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BROADWAY, Va. (WHSV) — Horticulture students at Broadway High School left the classroom on Tuesday for a hands-on lesson on water conservation which will leave behind a lasting impact in the community.

Plants and bushes were placed at a new bioretention site next to the school's parking lot. It's similar to a rain garden but is designed for a larger area and has an under-drain system consisting of a perforated pipe.

"This serves as a conservation practice to detain and slow down the water and help filter out any pollutants or sediment, bacteria, etc., that's in the water before it's released to the natural channel," said Megen Dalton, a district manager with the Shenandaoh Valley Soil and Water Conservation District.

SWCD received an EPA grant from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to address water quality issues in the Linville Creek watershed.

The bioretention site was constructed by Colman Engineering PLC last month.

"Not only is this important for Broadway High School students," Dalton said, "but it's important for them to understand the impact on the community and for other community members to see and understand stormwater and practices such as this."