Businesses in Downtown Luray feel impact of bridge construction

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LURAY,Va.(WHSV) -- Construction on the West Main Bridge has left an impact on businesses in downtown Luray, but the end could soon be near.

Plans for construction on the bridge started in 2012 and the official completion date is slated for July 2019.

Business owners in the middle of downtown said they've had less than normal sales for the month and blame it on the detour set by construction.

The Assistant Town Manager, Bryan Chrisman, said stores are not the only one impacted by the construction.

School buses and emergency responders are also forced to take other routes due to construction.

Chrisman said he understands the frustration and thanks all downtown store owners for their patience.

"Most people realize that it's a necessary evil and that it's something that needed to be done," Chrisman, said. "We're in the middle of it and hopefully we're coming toward the last third of the project now so we can get everything tied back together in terms of our town."

Chrisman said by April one lane should be open for traffic to cross over and hope to have both lanes open by May.