CDC recommends indoor exercise to relieve stress from Coronavirus

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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) — As people adjust to the limits the threat of coronavirus is placing on businesses, schools, and the community, the Center of Disease Control (CDC) advises that exercise can beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety related to the illness — especially for individuals who are self-quarantining.

The CDC recommends taking deep breaths, stretching or meditating, which are things individuals can do even if the are spending a lot of time indoors. The CDC also encourages healthy eating, regular exercise and adequate sleep, as good coping mechanism to deal with stress or anxiety about the coronavirus.

The CDC also encourages taking breaks from watching, reading, or listening to stories in the media related to the coronavirus, finding time to do some other activities you enjoy and connecting with others.

During Wednesdays press conference Mayor Stoney announced the city will be enforcing the public health emergency order put in place Tuesday night by Governor Ralph Northam and the Health Commissioner to give law enforcement the ability to enforce the 10-patron limit in Virginia amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite this Governor Northam still encourages individuals who are self-quarantining to go outdoors as long as they are avoiding contact with individuals.

“I would still encourage all Virginians especially those over 65 that this doesn’t mean you have to stay in a room in your house on a pretty day for example we would encourage them to get out and take a walk but a again to remember to keep your distance from other individuals to keep them safe.” said Northam.