Charlottesville woman celebrates 105th birthday

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WCAV) — Lucille Chapman celebrated her 105th birthday with her friends and family on Thursday.

Chapman is a native of the Charlottesville area, as she was born and raised in Keswick.

Her great-niece, Carmelita Gaines, said one of her favorite memories with Chapman is Sundays after church.

"The house was hot, the chicken was fried and the cakes you could smell, the family was everywhere," said Gaines. "Those were Sundays and those are memories that will stay with us."

She said being with her great aunt for so many years and to celebrate her special day was a blessing and a privilege.

"We're highly favored and God has blessed us and our family," said Gaines. "I am thankful and I give him praise. We're family and it's an incredible honor and blessing."

Chapman said her secrets to living a long life are treating people nicely and fried chicken, and she plans on having some at her 106th birthday party next year.

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