Cheese Ministry helps farmers and people in need

Volunteers help to distribute cheese across the valley.
Volunteers help to distribute cheese across the valley.(WHSV)
Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 9:10 AM EDT
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"Sometimes it looks like cheese, other times it looks like a hand out or solidarity, but we're here to help," said Matt Winter, the Senior Pastor at Harrisonburg Baptist Church.

The Cheese Ministry started back in 2017. It's a campaign asking for donations to purchase products from dairy farmers to then donate to those in need.

"We came up with the name, came up with the idea utilizing Rockingham Cooperative's purchasing power that we have to be able to collectively purchase goods across our markets," said Adam Ford, the marketing and social media specialist at Rockingham Cooperative.

With dairy farmers struggling due to Covid-19, the Cheese Ministry has made an agreement with a cheese manufacturer, to use donations to purchase cheese made from local dairy products at direct prices.

"It should be 21,000 pounds of cheese that will be delivered this coming Tuesday and we're really excited to see that as a launching point again," said Ford.

The Harrisonburg Baptist Church says this is a great time to help those in need, especially those across Harrisonburg, Rockingham and Augusta counties.

"Above all, the church is very interested in being apart of the solutions in our city. Just being here present, loving our neighbors and the Cheese Ministry is a great part of all of that," said Winter.

If you want to get involved or donate, click

and select "Other Funds."

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