City Council supports community in effort to talk with Congressman Bob Goodlatte

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) -- Erik Curren serves on Staunton City Council and said last week, a group asked the council members to reach out to Congressman Bob Goodlatte.

"On behalf of our citizens who have made this request, we feel like it's our responsibility to pass it along to the congressman and add our own support," said Curren.

All but one member on city council voted in favor of inviting Congressman Goodlatte to the Queen City. Andrea Oakes did not vote in favor of the invitation.

Oakes said she is open to having a town hall meeting, but believes it's not their council's place to tell him what to do.

"It did not matter if that it was Congressman Goodlatte," said Oakes. "It would not have mattered who the elected official is. The fact that we are telling someone how to conduct their business as an elected official, to me, means we were out of order," Oakes said.

Curren believes they should still show support for the community.

"Just seems fair that the congressman, who's salary is paid by the citizens in a democracy, should talk to the citizens in a way that they want to talk to him," said Curren.

Council plans on sending a letter of invitation to the congressman later this week.