Clerk of Court candidate Tracy Pyles wants to help courthouse help residents

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV)— Former Augusta County supervisor Tracy Pyles is one of five candidates running for Augusta County Clerk of Court. Pyles said he has several goals he'd like to pursue.

Tracy Pyles is one of five candidates running for Augusta County clerk of court. | Credit: WHSV

Pyles said one of those goals is to help the courthouse run more efficiently to help the county. Pyles said he plans to hire another person to work in the courthouse to help with the work. That position would be paid for out of the clerk of court's salary.

Pyles said he also wants to improve the website.

"I'll do that by having an interactive website, where people in far reaches of the county can make sure they have all the information they need before they make a needless trip to the courthouse," Pyles said.

Pyles said he thinks those changes will benefit people, since the courthouse can sometimes be a challenge to get to.

"The improvements to how we can do things better for our citizens," Pyles said. "Being here in downtown is difficult for many of our folks. The parking, the topography."

Pyles said he also wants to honor the veterans on the plaques outside of the circuit courthouse with more individualized honors inside. Additionally, Pyles wants to stop charging people for concealed carry permits. Until that change is made at the state level, Pyles said they would pay for the changes out of his salary, if elected.

He said he's not running for the position for the salary, but rather to make changes to benefit the county residents.

Pyles also disagrees with the county's decision to move forward with building a new courthouse. Last May, the county approved the project to build a new courthouse after demolishing the current general district courthouse. In September, the county entered into a $5.3 contract with Moseley Architects.

Pyles is running against Steve Landes, Carolyn Bragg, Miles Bobbitt and Lauren Griffin for the position. You can find our interview with Landes here . WHSV plans to interview each of the people running for office in the weeks leading up to the election.