Cline holds massive lead in 6th district fundraising over Lewis

Published: Jul. 23, 2018 at 6:17 PM EDT
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State Delegate Ben Cline raised more than double the amount of money his competitor in Virginia's 6th district, Jennifer Lewis, collected during the latest filing quarter.

Cline and Lewis are both running for the seat Rep. Bob Goodlatte has occupied in Congress for decades.

Cline's campaign raked in $124,000 between the end of April and the close of June, compared to Lewis' amount of $42,000, according to an FEC filing.

"I'm humbled by the support the campaign has received from across the district in both small dollars, small businessmen, friends and family and community members from across the district," said Cline.

But since fundraising began, 43 percent of Lewis' donations have come from small donors — or those who gave less than $200 — according to the

. Only 8 percent of Cline's donations fell under this category.

"I pledged to not take any money from the fossil fuel industry, from the NRA, from any corporate PACS," said Lewis. "The facts kinds of prove what we've been saying all along — that this is going to be a purely grassroots campaign."

Cline has collected more than $31,000 in small donors so far, while Lewis has raised more than around $22,600, according to VPAP.

To date, Cline's campaign has collected more than $390,000, compared to Lewis' $52,500.

With a little more than three months left until Election Day, the two plan to continue campaigning in the district considered a safe bet for Republicans.

"The feedback that we're getting on the ground is that healthcare is everybody's number one concern, whether it's them personally or their aging parents or their children," said Lewis, who is pushing for a Medicare-for-all plan.

"Folks want more business here in the Valley, bringing more jobs and healthcare is definitely an issue that people speak to," said Cline, who wants more marketplace reforms and to replace the Affordable Care Act.