Cline vows to fight for conservative policies in Washington

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ROANOKE, Va. (WHSV) — After easily securing a victory in Virginia's 6th District, Representative-elect Ben Cline assured supporters he would stand up for conservative policies in the U.S. House.

During an acceptance speech at the Holiday Inn in Roanoke, Cline suggested stripping regulations placed on corporations, repealing the Affordable Care Act and making the GOP tax law passed in 2017 permanent.

"I will work tirelessly for each one of you, whether you supported me or not," Cline said, reaching across the political aisle.

Cline defeated Jennifer Lewis, a mental health worker from Waynesboro, by 20 points.

"I always run like I'm ten points behind, I never take anything for granted," he said after his speech. "We shook every hand, kissed every baby till we got every vote we could."

The Democratic party will take control of the House as Cline enters.

"I've had to work with several governors of the opposite party, I can work with a speaker of the opposite party to get a lot of issues accomplished," he said. "But I will not violate the principles on which I have run and of which I've governed for many years."

The Lexington attorney, who has served in Virginia's House of Delegates since the early 2000s, will replace Representative Bob Goodlatte, who announced his plans to retire last year.

"It's been an honor for me to represent you and all the sixth congressional district for the last 26 years. Now, it's time for me to turn the page to the next chapter in my life," Goodlatte told supporters Tuesday night before introducing Cline.

Virginia's 6th District has proven reliable for the Republican Party in past elections, with Goodlatte winning 13 consecutive races.