Cold weather could extend Massanutten Resort's ski season

MASSANUTTEN, Va. (WHSV) — As February turns to March and winter slowly turns to spring, the winter season is wrapping up for Massanutten Resort's slopes.

Hess said he thinks the reason why the resort has not seen more skiers on its slopes this year is because of the lack of natural snow to get people in the mood to ski.

But if you are still looking to ski or snowboard, you have time.

The resort was originally planning on limiting the slopes to the weekends starting March 17.

Kenny Hess, Massanutten Resort's director of sports and safety, said with more cold weather on the way they could make more snow.

He said so far he would grade this season a B minus. But extra cold weather could bump that grade up.

"March is kind of the outlier every year, what's going to happen in March?" Hess said. "If we keep people interested in skiing and coming, we generally close with more snow than we have skiers. So this year, hopefully, we can reverse that."

This weekend the resort is putting on its second annual Snow Moon Fest.

With events ranging from snowboard and ski races, charity events and a beer tasting. The resort will set off fireworks on Saturday night.