Cold weather impacts on zoo animals

Published: Mar. 14, 2018 at 5:49 PM EDT
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The owner of the Luray Zoo said cold weather does not have much of an affect on zoo animals and added they actually prefer cold weather to hot summer days.

Even though the enclosures are shielded from the wind and heated, many animals at the zoo prefer to be out in the cold. Birds, goats, and the zoo's tiger tend to be more active in the cold weather as opposed to in the summer when running around causes them to overheat. The animals quickly adapt to their environment and are better prepared for cold weather than warm weather.

"Their fur and their skin protects them from different weather situations, but in the summer time it's harder, way harder, for them to cool down" said the owner of the zoo, Mark Kilby. "Running around can over heat them. During the winter time, running around is fun. And so it's easier for them to get warm, then in the summertime it's harder for them to get cool."

The cold weather is also much more comfortable for the animals because they don't have to deal with biting insects and parasites.