Committee chooses top eight new names for Lee, Jackson parks

Published: May. 24, 2017 at 2:59 PM EDT
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The Charlottesville Historic Resources Committee has narrowed down a list of options to rename Lee and Jackson parks to eight top choices.

For Jackson Park, the committee will recommend city council members choose between Court Square Park, Courthouse Park, The Commons and Memory Park.

For Lee Park, the top four options include Community Park, Central Park, Market Street Park and Festival Park.

The decision to rename the park comes amid the

which resulted in city council's


Members of the Historic Resources Committee said they considered the use of historic names but decided to avoid them.

They instead decided to focus on more neutral options having to do with concepts such as location and related activity.

The committee will recommend the council not vote to rename the parks after any other historical figures.

"It's kind of a tough call when you're going from a park that's named currently for a person," said committee co-chair, Melanie Miller. "To go back there again may not be a wise way to move."

City council members are expected to vote on a new name during a meeting on June 5.

These announcements come soon after the current Lee Park made national headlines due to a

in the park.

The statue of Robert E. Lee, which the controversy has surrounded,

, pending the result of a lawsuit which has

from removing the statue for six months.

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