Schultz and Schuppan Found Guilty, Both Sentenced to Life in Prison

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PAGE COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) -- On Thursday, the jury found both George Schultz and George Schuppan guilty on all charges and sentenced each man to life in prison in connection with the murder of Joy Schultz last year.

For the first-degree murder charge, each man was sentenced to life in prison and faces a $100,000 fine.

Each was also sentenced to 10 years on the conspiring charge, five years on the concealing a body charge and three years on the firearm charge.

During closing arguments, the commonwealth's attorney focused on what he described as "lies" in the two defendants' stories and also said that the stories just do not make sense. His argument was that Schultz and Schuppan worked together to murder Joy. He said that the biggest lie for Schuppan was saying he was afraid of his dad, especially considering all of the weapons and protections he had at his disposal. The commonwealth said that Schuppan said initially that he didn't know about Joy's life insurance but told his cellmate nearly the exact amount of the policy.

Commonwealth's Attorney Ken Alger called Joy's death "butchery," matched with a picture of her dead body. He said the basement was cleaned so heavily because the two men removed her organs there and the other mutilations there to reduce the smell.

He also said they had a plan: one of their planned excuses for the murder, said Alger, was that it was a biker gang hit in some form. According to Alger, that plan went wrong: the police came too soon, the clean up was more difficult than expected, and it was "semi-organized chaos."

This Sunday, Joy would be 53.

The defense then made its arguments.

Schuppan's defense attorney made the last closing argument, stating that Schuppan did not kill Joy, but he helped his father conceal the body because of a "misplaced devotion." The attorney also said that the mutilation of the body did not happen in the basement. He touched on the testimony from the forensic anthropologist who mentioned that it would take 5 to 7 days for the face to be removed without tools because of decomposition. In rebuttal, the commonwealth made a note that the testimony was in regards to removing the face without the tools.

Schuppan's side said the crime was committed for insurance, but not by Schuppan. The commonwealth suggested that the two worked together to remove Joy's organs and fill her body with dirt to make sure the body stayed in place to be found and then get the insurance money.

In the commonwealth's rebuttal, it touched on how Schultz had a neuropathy attack (leading to him not feeling well) which caused him, Schuppan, and Joy to be in the basement before the shooting. The commonwealth argued that this was a ploy to lure her in.

As a reminder, Schultz and Schuppan are being charged with first-degree murder, conspiring to commit murder, using a firearm in the commission of a felony, and with unlawfully transporting, secreting, concealing or altering a dead body.

On the first-degree murder charge, the jury could convict on a lesser charge, such as second-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter, upon review of the evidence.