Community invited to bring ideas for Destination Downtown Grants

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance will host a meeting to discuss Destination Downtown Grants on Wednesday evening.

This year there are $20,000 allocated for the different projects.

Lauren Huber, director of resources for Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance, said the Destination Downtown Grants are an opportunity for small businesses or community members to bring their "passion project" to life and create an attraction downtown for people in the community and tourists.

"There is always so many things we would love to see and people coming to us with ideas that they would love to see downtown," Huber said, "so we thought this was a great opportunity to empower others to make those type of ideas come true."

In 2019, HDR will allocate $20,000 for different projects, which is the same amount that was available in 2018.

The grants have previously funded projects, including the "Story Walk" through Massanutten Regional Library. They've also been used to preserve artwork from over 100 years ago, guide tours through the Hugo Kohl Museum, and create a Pollinator Habitat with educational information. The program has also funded a musical event called the "Play-a-Thon."

"This just really adds to that welcoming, creative environment that we really want downtown to be," Huber said.

The meeting is at 5:30 p.m. at the HDR office in the Ice House. Anyone who is hoping to bring an idea to life can speak with HDR and learn about the process of what to expect when applying for the grant.

A letter of intent must be turned in by June 21, 2019, for those who plan on applying prior to the application process.