Confirmed Tornado in West Virginia on Monday night

Location of the confirmed tornado in Charleston, WV on 6/24/19
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Strong and severe storms came through the area on Monday afternoon, and Monday night.

The National Weather Service in Charleston, West Virginia has confirmed an EF-1 tornado in Charleston.
Time: 6:53 p.m.
Maximum wind speed: 90 mph
Path length: 11 miles
Path width: 0.2 miles

The tornado touched down just west of the Kanawha State Forest, and carved an 11 mile path, stopping just short of the Kanawha river in downtown Charleston. The tornado took down numerous tress, and even led to an outage of radar at the National Weather Service in Charleston for a period of time.
Even after the tornado lifted, that same storm moved northeast almost parallel to I-79, toward Elkins and Harmon, taking down numerous trees and creating damage along the way.

That same storm entered into Pendleton county, which prompted the tornado warning. There were clear signs of rotation, and the storm had a history of producing a tornado. Rotation continued as the storm moved into Grant county, and the rotation started to weaken as it moved into Hardy county. There was no damage reports in our local West Virginia counties.

This is only the second tornado warning for Pendleton county since 1990. The other tornado warning was in May of 2011.

Even though tornadoes don't happen as often in our mountainous area, they do happen. In fact, terrain likely played a role in leading to the tornado in Charleston.

Confirmed tornadoes
Pendleton County: 2
Grant county: 2
Hardy county: 0

Hardy county is the only county in the 44 counties of the Sterling/DC National Weather Service county warning area that has no official record of a tornado. Official records go back to 1950.

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