Construction on Northend Greenway nearly complete

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — By the end of this month, Harrisonburg Public Works said there will be a new path for people in Harrisonburg to travel on in the city.

Construction on phase one of the Northend Greenway, from Mount Clinton Pike to Suter Street, started in December of 2018.

Tom Hartman, director of Harrisonburg Public Works, said weather has been a factor in the project, but the department is still on schedule.

Recently, crews have paved the path and installed fencing along it.

Hartman said crews are now putting finishing touches on the path, such as cross walks and signals. He said the city will be installing a new type of cross signal, that automatically signals when someone crosses the path on a major road.

"There will be a thermal camera up that will detect when a person is at the crosswalk, ready to cross the street," Hartman said. "So when that thermal camera picks up the individual, the rapid flashing beacon will start to flash, just to give a sense of a warning to vehicles that there are pedestrians in the area."

Phase two of the project, Hartman says, is moving along as well. This part of the project is being done by volunteers, and he said so far they have cleared the area for the path and laid down gravel from Jefferson Street to Monroe Street.

The public works department is hoping to pave phase two just like phase one in the coming years.

Hartman said with just a little bit more work needing to be done in the coming weeks, the department hopes to have the path officially open before the end of July.

"It seems that with construction projects the last 5% take about 50% of the time, it seems like sometimes." Hartman said. "We're excited to get these last couple of items taken care of on the trail and move on to the next one."