Convicted killer Jesse Matthew diagnosed with cancer

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WHSV) — Convicted killer Jesse Matthew Jr. has been diagnosed with cancer, and transferred to Sussex State Prison. Sussex has a secure unit where inmates can receive medical treatment. Matthew was brought to Red Onion prison in 2016 with no chance of release.

He pleaded guilty to killing Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham, and made an Alford plea to a sexual assault in Fairfax County.

Tuesday night CBS19 News spoke with Gil Harrington, Morgan Harrington's mother, about the lack of impact the news had on her.

"It meant a tremendous amount to us to have him contained so he could not hurt anyone else," Harrington said. "We were never in this process motivated by retribution or anger or hatred, and we just wanted him to be stopped. Once he was stopped and neutralized, it was like he was a non-event to us."

Harrington was informed of the situation by Commonwealth's Attorney Robert Tracci.

She also spoke to CBS19 about the Help Save the Next Girl foundation, and the real difference it's making. Harrington's voice gets a new spark of energy talking about the 83 chapters of the organization.

"I actually was at the last event of the chapter meeting at a middle school here in Roanoke, and I stood in the cafeteria in a giant circle, where 80-90 girls were holding hands saying we'll look out for one another, we'll buddy up, we'll trust our instincts, we'll make sure that our friends are safe," she said.

Harrington says that work is making a difference around the globe, and they plan to keep it going as long as they can.