Rockingham County looks to auction off antique safe

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — Rockingham County is looking for a new home for an antique safe from the 1800s.

The safe weighs four to five hundred pounds.

According to Rockingham County Clerk of Courts Chaz Haywood, the safe has been in the courthouse for a number of years, but the county is hoping to auction the piece off.

"It's a great piece of history of Rockingham County and we're glad that it's been here," said Haywood. "We'd just love to see it get out to where the public can see it because it does tell a story."

He said for years, the piece sat in a kitchen at the courthouse. He tried to open it, but the code was very difficult. Eventually, he called a locksmith to do the job.

The locksmith struggled as well and eventually got it open with a hammer and piece of wood. The locksmith then put a new combination on it so it will be easier for the owner to open.

Eric Hostetter, who works for Rockingham County Public Works, said inside of the safe, they found old documents and receipts. It was a banker's safe with wooden drawers inside for tellers. There is a dynamite-proof safe included.

"With the history and the character of this safe, it would be nice to see it displayed for the community or a place where people can see it," said Hostetter.

The safe weighs between four to five thousand pounds and will need to be somewhere that is sturdy.

It will be up for auction within the next two weeks online.

For more information, call 540-564-3111.