Cynthia Dunbar campaign claims fake letter attempted to defame candidate

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HARRISONBURG, Va.(WHSV) — Cynthia Dunbar's campaign for the 6th congressional district claims a letter posing as the campaign was being spread around in an effort to "libel Cynthia Dunbar personally."

The Dunbar campaign claims the letter used the campaign banner and even legal disclaimer "Paid for by Dunbar for Congress, Inc." The Republican candidate says there was a trail of dissemination which led to the letter's discovery.

"To see people stoop to that type of level of attack and to frame everything in such a negative light and actually even incite violence in (the) name of our campaign, it's kind of that thing of, you get used to attacks if you enter into politics, but there's kind of a level of what you expect, and this was definitely over the top," said Dunbar.

“The fact that anyone felt the need to sink to this level is sad," a statement released by her campaign read. "They obviously are threatened by the size and passion of the support we have built across this district. Our campaign has stayed out of the mud and political games, choosing instead to focus on the issues and a winning message of shrinking Washington through proven conservatism. We cannot allow ourselves as freedom-loving conservatives to be distracted by the shameful tactics that have become synonymous with politics."

In an interview with WHSV's Avery Powell Friday, Dunbar would not elaborate further on the content of the letter, saying it had been turned over to federal authorities for investigation.

She says Americans deserve candidates who will run clean campaigns and she says that is her goal in the hopes of filling Congressman Bob Goodlatte's seat when he retires in Fall 2018.

This comes after a coalition of several of the other Republican candidates running for the 6th district – Ben Cline, Chaz Haywood, Ed Justo, Kathryn Lewis and Douglas Wright – issued a statement criticizing the GOP committee for not releasing delegate lists in an effort they claimed supported one particular candidate.

After that, 6th District Vice Chairperson Matt Tederick, also the political director for Cynthia Dunbar's campaign for Congress, had pointed words for the candidates.

"I've been involved in Republican party politics since 1995 and I've never experienced the heightened level of vile behavior that is being conducted by [the] Ben Cline campaign, by the Chaz Haywood campaign, by Ed Justo," Tedrick said.