Debate over courthouse held in Verona

Published: Sep. 20, 2016 at 10:40 PM EDT
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A member of the Augusta County Board of Supervisors fought to bring a new courthouse to Verona.

A member of the Augusta Citizens Coalition argued to keep the building where it is and renovate.

On the Augusta County website, the county lists $45 million to build a facility to accommodate the three courts in Verona.

The Augusta Citizens Coalition said fixing up just the Augusta County Circuit Courthouse in Staunton would only cost up to $10 million.

Tom Sheets is for keeping the courthouse where it is and was the speaker for the Coalition.

"I just think the county is not putting out correct information, so our group was started to, along with another group, to get, we believe more accurate information out to the citizens of Augusta County," said Sheets.

Terry Kelley with the Board of Supervisors countered that argument

and said, "It's not the $9 million that they're saying, or ten million or 11 million. It's going to be just to refurbish, 26 and 30 million dollars," said Kelley. "We've estimated $33 million. Why do something with that much money for only seven years?"

Board member, Marshall Pattie, also spoke against moving the court house and agreed, the courthouse should be kept in Staunton.

He was the only board member to do so.