Staunton public works aims to finish debris pick-up on Thursday

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) — Staff at Staunton's Public Works Department are working overtime Wednesday and Thursday to collect Christmas trees and the last of the debris from November's ice storm.

The goal is to have everything cleaned up by Thursday afternoon so they can prepare for potential snow this weekend. On Friday, the city will be dedicated to snow preparations by putting brine on the roads and set up snow plows.

Tom Sliwoski, the director of public works, said the debris can sometimes cause issues after snow storms.

"Sometimes the plow will push some of that debris and leaves down further a little bit along the street and clog up storm drains and drop inlets and that sort of thing," Sliwoski said. "That does create some problems later on."

Sliwoski said debris and leaf pick up fell behind schedule because of wintry weather and holidays. Sliwoski asked residents tnot put out any leaves if they still have them, since they will not be picked up.