Delegate Landes visits schools for 'Take Your Legislator to School' month

Published: Nov. 29, 2017 at 6:35 PM EST
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A few schools in the Valley got a special visit Wednesday from Delegate Steve Landes.

Landes visited Ottobine Elementary school and Fort Defiance High School on November 29 as part of "Take Your Legislator to School" month.

At Fort Defiance, Landes visited a law class to discuss legislation that directly affects students.

He also sat down with school club presidents to talk about leadership skills and how they can be effective leaders.

Landes said the visits are an opportunity for him to see what's actually going on in schools and to teach students about how the House of Delegates works for them.

"It's amazing, sometimes, that they don't realize the things that we're involved in that affect them directly every day, their teachers, their principals and the school itself," said Landes.

This is the 22nd year Landes has visited schools in November, and he said that he values these visits, because they give him insight on what's actually going on in schools.

"As the chairman of the House Education Committee, it's doubly important that I continue to find out what changes are happening in schools, what the policies are that we vote upon that are impacting our schools directly."