Deputies report police impersonator in Augusta County

Published: Feb. 28, 2019 at 9:50 AM EST
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The Augusta County Sheriff's Office is searching for someone they say impersonated a law enforcement officer in Crimora on Valentine's Day.

According to a press release from the office, deputies received a report on Feb. 14 that someone was driving in the area of Country Estates Mobile Home Park, along Rt. 340, when they saw a dark-colored SUV, possibly a Jeep, turn around and begin following their vehicle.

The person said the SUV began following them at a close distance, randomly flashing a spotlight into the back of their vehicle, and then turned on a small flashing blue light, which appeared to be on the dashboard.

Deputies say if you see a vehicle attempting to pull you over, but you're uncertain if it's actually law enforcement, you are within your rights to slow your speed, turn on your hazard lights, and pull over once you find the first safe place available.

At night, that would be a well-lit area. If you have doubts, you can call 911. The dispatcher should be able to determine if the vehicle pulling you over is, in fact, law enforcement.

If you know anything about the reported impersonator in Crimora, you should call the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office at 540-245-5333 or crime stoppers at 800-322-2017.