Dominion Energy says opposition to pipeline is costing taxpayers

Sorrells said she thinks the pipeline will cost Augusta County jobs because of the possible...
Sorrells said she thinks the pipeline will cost Augusta County jobs because of the possible negative impact the ACP could have on agriculture.(WHSV)
Published: Apr. 22, 2018 at 6:29 PM EDT
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Dominion Energy is slamming what it calls "delay tactics" by those against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Aaron Ruby, a Dominion Energy spokesperson, said these tactics are costing taxpayers money.

The spokesperson said after an exhaustive review, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers concluded all necessary protections have been adopted for Virginia's waterways. He now says opponents calling on state agencies to, "perform the exact same analysis," are delaying the project.

Ruby said this analysis will waste taxpayer dollars by costing consumers hundreds of millions in higher energy costs. Opponents disagree on that point.

Nancy Sorrells, a co-chairman of the Augusta County Alliance, said Dominion's statement was ludicrous. She said it is a tactic by Dominion trying to move the project closer to its end.

"That statement is based on the fact that they're panicking a little bit," Sorrells said. "Their pipeline has been delayed and there's plenty of obstacles, as there should be. It's a bad news project for everybody but Dominion stockholders."

Sorrells and other critics of the pipeline said the ACP will not be good for the environment.

Dominion did address that issue in its statement, saying the pipeline slows down the region's transition from coal to cleaner energy sources.

Ruby said this project has gone through the most thorough regulatory review of any infrastructure project in state history.