Drive cam shot of fog, reaction from residents

KTRK Drivers out in the early morning hours of New Year's Day were met with dense fog mixed with firework smoke, creating some dangerous conditions.

ABC13 viewers sent in several videos and photos overnight of what it looked like in areas such as Highway 290 and Mueschke, Garth Road and Spring Park Drive and Scarsdale and Beamer.

One viewer reported zero visibility in east Harris County. It was also difficult for some drivers to see in Spring around the Rayford and Highway 99 area.

ABC13 meteorologist Travis Herzog says the smoke from fireworks has been trapped near the ground due to a strong temperature inversion (very stable air).

Travis explains that the smoke particles are worsening what would otherwise be a fairly benign round of fog. He says we were expecting fog, but it was made far worse by the amount of fireworks set off overnight.

Travis adds this is the worst air quality he's seen over the city as measured by the local pollution sensors.