Warrant: Driver charged in deadly crash had slurred words to EMT

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) -- UPDATE (7:10p.m., 7/10/17): Michael Anderson, the driver charged in a deadly head-on crash with a motorcycle on the Fourth of July, had slurred speech after being transported to the hospital, according to search warrants.

The affidavit states the investigating Virginia State Police trooper heard from the EMT who rode in the ambulance with Anderson that he was slurring his speech, was difficult to understand, and was giving strange and inconsistent answers to the questions she was asking.

The EMT told the trooper, based on her experience, she believed Anderon's behavior was consistent with somebody under the influence of drugs since she did not smell alcohol on his breath.

Once at the hospital, the trooper described Anderson as lethargic and continued to fall asleep and had to be prodded several times by the investigator, according to the court document.

"Anderson could not open his eyes and his speech was slurred to the point where he was barely understandable. His only statement about the accident is that the bike was there," according to the affidavit.

Anderson is accused of crossing the center-line of Rinacas Corner Road in Rockingham County on July 4th and colliding head-on with Christopher Shifflett of Shenandoah who was riding his motorcycle. Shifflett died as a result of the injuries, according to police.

Anderon's charges were upgraded last week to felony involuntary manslaughter. He remains behind bars in Rockingham County with a court date scheduled in the near future.


A Waynesboro man faces DUI-related charges after a deadly motorcycle crash on Tuesday, according to Virginia State Police.

A Virginia State Police spokesman said Michael Anderson, 45, is charged with driving under the influence of drugs following a crash on Tuesday near the town of Shenandoah.

Investigators said Christopher Lee Shifflett, 30, was driving his motorcycle when a vehicle driven by Anderson crossed the center lanes along Rinacas Corner Road and collided head-on with Shifflett's motorcycle. Shifflett was pronounced dead on the scene, according to police.

Virginia State Police are handling the investigation.

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