EMU collaborates with local religious leaders to talk social justice

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Religious leaders within the community met at Eastern Mennonite University Thursday to talk about social justice as a movement of faith.

Through guest speakers and panel discussions, members of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham NAACP, Faith in Action, and EMU's committee of Diversity of Inclusion discussed ways the community can come together to advocate for positive change.

Local NAACP chairperson Melody Pannell said she hopes the summit will unite community leaders with an important cause.

"We want to be able to engage with all of the community to see how we can work together and to see what programs, what issues and what social justice avenues we can take on to move together to move forward."

Pannel said faith can serve as a model for social justice by teaching how to care for other people in need.

"I hope that we can build our collaboration and build a collective unity and to move forward, and to see what other churches are doing and what other organizations are doing and get behind them and support them, to act as one," said Pannel.