Eight Republicans seek 6th district nomination

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Republicans will have a pool of eight candidates to pull from this spring when selecting a nominee to run for Virginia's 6th congressional district.

Wednesday was the final day for members of the GOP seeking consideration to file their candidacy forms.

"This is new to us," said Jennifer M Brown, the Communications Chair for the Rockingham Republican Committee. "The last time we had tot do this was maybe over 26 years ago."

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, who has served the district for more than two decades, announced his plans to retire last year.

Some of the Republicans hoping to continue Goodlatte's legacy of conservatism spoke to party members in Harrisonburg on Wednesday night during the meeting of the Rockingham Republican Committee.

"We're in a new generation of politics. Everybody wants to have a say. Everybody wants to be a voice," said Brown, who also announced her intention to run for district chairperson.

With the GOP still reeling from big losses in the commonwealth last November, Brown said members of the party remain on alert.

"We are taking notice and we are taking notes to see exactly what needs to happen in order to go forward so that we don't end up losing that seat and end up becoming totally blue in this district," she said.

The official list of candidates running for the Republican nomination are:

- Chaz Haywood
- Ben Cline
- Cynthia Dunbar
- Elliot Pope
- Kathryn Lewis
- Ed Justo
- Douglas Wright
- Michael Desjadon

The Republican convention will be held in May at James Madison University.