Final preparations made ahead of Rockingham County Fair opening day

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Vendors, ride operators and fair participants were at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds bright and early on Sunday morning to get ready for the week ahead.

Rachel Craun was in the Shirley Memorial Dairy Barn to lay down straw for her dairy cattle.

"If we put down our bedding, most of it today, we won't have to fill in as much during the week," Craun said. "We want to have everything ready so when our heifers get here we can just wash them off and put them right in there bed."

Vendors and ride operators with Deggeller were also setting up and making sure every bolt was tightened and ready for inspection.

"Between Deggeller and Rockingham County officials, they will make sure the rides are safe and set up and they will not be able to go up if they don't pass inspection," Rebecca Holloway, general manager of the Rockingham County Fair, said.

Holloway said this year they are excited to bring back some old acts from past fairs and some new ones to make sure there's something for everyone.

"We have the can-do magic show which I'm excited about," Holloway said. "We have the exotic animals here and we have Circus Incredible that hasn't been here for a few years."

While the main attractions are not set to open until Monday, a gospel concert kicked off festivites on Sunday night.