Evangelical leaders Falwell, Ralph Reed, support Trump despite remarks

File image: Jerry Falwell, Jr. (left) endorses Donald Trump (center) in January 2016
File image: Jerry Falwell, Jr. (left) endorses Donald Trump (center) in January 2016(WHSV)
Published: Oct. 10, 2016 at 6:49 PM EDT
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Evangelical leaders Ralph Reed and Jerry Falwell Jr. are continuing to support Donald Trump despite the Republican presidential nominee's vulgar comments about women.

Reed, who chairs the Faith & Freedom Coalition, joined the president of Liberty University at the Christian school's student convocation today.

Both refused to defend Trump's remarks captured on a 2005 video, but said his positions on crucial issues like abortion and Supreme Court nominees still make him preferable to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Reed said, "I want a campaign that focuses on the future of America, not the past of either candidate."

Falwell said, "We're never going to have a perfect candidate until Jesus Christ reigns forever on the throne."

In a telephone interview Monday, Falwell also said he believes Republican leaders purposely leaked the recording and are trying to sabotage Trump’s candidacy in the run-up to Election Day.

Since he personally endorsed and actively campaigned for Trump during primary season, Falwell has said Trump’s policy positions and commitment to appoint conservative Supreme Court justices outweigh his temperament and transgressions.

On Monday, he repeated what he’s said previously, that the country isn’t electing a pastor and “every single one of us are sinners.”

Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, will speak at Liberty University’s convocation Wednesday as scheduled, Falwell said, with the public invited to attend.