Trial of former Elkton police officer in death of Rachel Good delayed again

Published: May. 26, 2016 at 12:02 PM EDT
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UPDATE (Sept. 16):

On Friday, September 16, the family of Rachel Good was supposed to be in court with former Elkton police officer Adam Williams.

However, on Thursday, Brad Pollack, the attorney representing the family, filed a petition to continue the case on a later date. The reason for this petition was a dispute with Virginia State Police over cell phone records from Rachel Good and Adam Williams, which are critical to the plaintiff's case.

With the passage of time since Good's disappearance - 13 year ago - the original cell phone records have been destroyed by cell providers.

But Virginia State Police have copies of the phone records obtained as part of a subpoena years ago.

On the same day as the family's petition to continue, Virginia State Police filed a motion to quash that subpoena, which would effectively prevent Rachel Good's family from ever gaining access to the phone records they believe to be critical to this case.

Pollack has six months to refile and determine the future of this case.


A Rockingham County family wants closure and demands a former Elkton police officer pay up.

The family of Rachel Good, who disappeared 13 years ago, is filing a $5.5 million dollar wrongful death suit. WHSV's Isabel Rosales was in court on Thursday morning to provide the details of this case.

She reported that a frustrated attorney, representing the Good family, spoke with the judge. His frustration was because the main defendant hasn't shown up to the wrongful death trial yet.

The attorney wants to eventually find Adam Williams in contempt of court. Williams, a former Elkton police officer, is the focus of this suit.

A judge allowed a continuance of the trial into September.

Rachel disappeared in October of 2003. The nearly $5.5 million civil suit claims she was having an affair with Williams and was pregnant with his child.Thirteen years later, we know she was murdered, but her body has not been found.

Williams was the lead investigator into her disappearance. He later became the prime suspect. WHSV spoke with Good's father outside the courthouse.

"Adam Williams and his father is guilty as hell, excuse my language, and he can run but he can only run for so long. I've got the best lawyer in 10 counties and we're going to get him," said Cary Good.

Williams now lives in Louisiana and his motion to continue the trial points to medical reasons for not being able to show up.

It doesn't appear that Williams has an attorney, WHSV could not reach him for comment.

The family tells WHSV they hope he'll show up to the September 16th court date.