Farmers urge drivers to share the road during planting season

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va (WHSV) -- With planting season beginning, you'll likely see more farm equipment on the road, and farmers ask that you share the road with them, just like you would with any other vehicle.

Mark Deavers, a farmer in Rockingham County says the roads will be busy the next two months with farm equipment, and they can take up most of the road. He has machinery that is up to 16 feet wide.

Deavers uses a pilot car when driving one of those machines to help get around curves and over hills, where vision may be blocked. His equipment runs from 15 to 30 miles per hour, and can be hard to move off of the road.

He's been in two accidents while driving his farm machinery, both from people attempting to pass him.

Deavers said, "Slow down, give us our time, we'll get to our destination, we'll make sure you to your destination safely, it might take an extra minute or two, but an extra minute or two is better than taking a life."

He added that everyone in those incidents walked away with just minor injuries.

Not all are so lucky though. A recent report found that more than 30 kids are hurt every day in the U.S. in agriculture-related incidents, including ones involving tractors and other farm vehicles.