Federal grant means new expansion for Luray Caverns Airport

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LURAY, Va. (WHSV) — The Luray Caverns Airport is extending its apron thanks to almost $1.3 million from the federal government.

The plan is to extend the apron into the grassy area just beyond the pavement. | Credit: WHSV

The apron is basically a parking lot for aircraft. Ed Markowitz, treasurer and secretary for the Luray-Page County Airport Authority, said they're planning to extend it by 9,000 square feet.

The total cost for the project is about $1.4 million. Most of the money is coming from the federal government, specifically the Federal Aviation Administration. The rest of the money is coming from the state department of aviation and a local match.

Markowitz said the airport has seen growth lately, and that has led to the need for more updates.

"We can accommodate about 30 aircraft in our hangers right now, and all the hangers are full," Markowitz said. "We have a waiting list of about 15 aircraft, so we do have the demand."

Marowitz said the apron is needed so planes are able to access the new terminal that will be built in the future. The apron is the first step to the rest of the developments in the master plan.

"We have a plan, and we look out about 10 years and it's done in steps," Markowitz said. "This is the next step to get us closer to building a terminal building, which we need desperately."

He said they've already done all the design work, and they've chosen a company. Markowitz hopes the expansion will be done this fall. Once the project starts, it will be completed within 60 days.