For high schoolers, 9/11 is history, not a memory

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — Wednesday marked 18 years since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks — one of the deadliest days in modern American history.

But for every student in high school and younger, the attack isn't a memory. It's part of a history lesson taken from a textbook.

"It's probably harder for us, as teachers, the ones who lived through it, than it is the students," said Joe Carico, a 30-year-old history teacher at Harrisonburg High School. "They look at it and go 'that looks like a movie,' but we try to get them to understand, it's not a movie. People's lives were affected."

Many of Carico's students were not even born at the time of the attacks; however, on the anniversary, he goes beyond the textbook to help students understand the gravity and loss of that day.

"We looked at the ceremony they did in New York and the reading of the names to show them how long it took to read all the names of the people that were perished at the World Trade Centers."

As time passes, Carico takes on the challenge of teaching 9/11 in a way that is relevant to all ages, and pays homage to such a pivotal day in American history.

"Let's not repeat the same mistakes," Carico said. "What are the things we have to do differently, what are the things that we need to continually strive for, but let's learn from our mistakes."